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A narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae through poor body posture and pressure on the nervous system due to emotional distress, creates an accumulation of toxins. Each vertebrae has a dynamic and vital relationship with each internal organ and is finely intertwined with the circulatory systems of the body. This theory found in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine has been extensively researched by Dr Shen Hongxun, a taijichuan grandmaster and a doctor in Chinese and western medicine. These principles suggest that a compression in one or more areas of the spine is the cause of physical discomfort in any area of the body and ultimately a precursor for disease. A healthy and erect spine, therefore has profound implications for our long term health as well as our mobility.

Taiji, yoga and pilates are united in this principle and all work to lengthen the back. This is the foundation that then allows the practitioner to work towards more flexibility and strength in other areas of the body. The beauty of using the foot as the principle tool in Chavutti Thirumal is that the range and depth of movement is maximised. Each stroke covers the center line of the body in both directions, literally ironing out the spine and opening the intervertebral spaces. At the same time, the body is being asked to initiate its own detoxification. This process is being stimulated and supported by the Chavutti therapist who is able to work from a centre of gravity and therefore channel energy through his or her feet. Toxins are pushed out, by way of the long strokes, via the skin and out of the main exit points in the recipients hands and feet.

Consecutive treatments, traditionally over a 10 day period, provide a continuity and intensity that are needed to create more profound and lasting changes in thought patterns, emotional responses and body posture.

  • Muscle spasm or back tension
  • Sports people, dancers, martial arts practitioners and performers who need to keep their bodies supple and in tip top condition
  • Business people who are also asked to perform with demanding schedules and little time to exercise who need to maintain their energy levels and remain focused
  • Improve body image and encourages you to foster a sense of acceptance of your body
  • Clear troublesome emotions and psychological blocks
  • Stimulate the three circulatory systems of the body covering the back and front of the body, every muscle and ligament. The lymph system is the most directly affected creating a detox effect and leaving the client feeling rejuvenated
  • The deep kneading action alleviates fluid retention and aids in the breakdown of cellulite
  • Alleviate the effects of strong exercise such as stiffness and aches and pains
  • Relieves the deep seated tension that people have often learned to live with
  • Links mental and physical aspects of the body. This integration encourages self expression, extends the capacity for mental concentration and cultivates energy and inspiration. These are the ingredients for fulfilling potential in all areas of our lives
  • Deepens the breathing pattern


You are asked to take all your clothes off. A towel is provided to be used in place of underwear to create a loin cloth. Women will be topless when they turn over for the second half of the treatment. Should a client have worries about the treatment the sequence can be tailored to give extra privacy.

The therapist asks a few questions about any health problems then prepares his or himself. Throughout the massage he or she uses breath control to keep their own energy channels open and to build an inner fire.
Your body is liberally doused with warm oil with the practitioners hands. The massage then begins using the feet and finished with the use of the hands.

The overall feeling is wonderful - strong, deep, yet highly sensitive.


  • Diagnosis of current heart disease, cancer, varicose veins and ruptured discs
  • Anyone running a high temperature or suffering from flu
  • Contagious skin disease such as scabies
  • Broken bones
  • A full stomach - a gap of at least three hours between your last meal and a treatment

When there is a history of heart disease, cancer, varicose veins and ruptured disc/s a doctor and/or osteopath, chiropractor needs to be consulted before booking your treatment.


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