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A powerful oil based massage system principally applied with the bare foot, although hands are used for the finishing touches.

The range as well as the depth of movement is maximised whereby one stroke is able to cover the full length of the body from the tips of the fingers to the toes. The recipient lies on two floor mats while the masseur applies the foot like a hand, one at a time, holding on to a support rope for extra balance. Contrary to popular belief the practitioner does not stand or walk on the back. Most certainly this ancient system of massage involves a high level of skill by the practitioner. Intricate footwork sweeps, kneads and frictions the skin and connective tissue which supports the muscles, organs and energy pathways (meridians).
The warriors of southern India developed a system of unarmed and armed combat called Kalari. In peacetime Kalari used a sequence of movements which retained a martial aspect, yet were geared towards artistic expression (Katakali Dance Form), self healing and spiritual development (yoga forms and postures) and the art of Kal Chavutti Thirumal whose spiral movements embody aspects of all three disciplines.


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